Quality Kitchen Sink Installation & Repair Services in Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas

Kitchen sinks can provide years of dependable service. The decision to replace a kitchen sink is usually a matter of aesthetics rather than functionality. If you’d like an upgrade, call the sink and faucet experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Orlando, Florida.

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Finding the Perfect Kitchen Sink for Your Home

Kitchen sinks take a beating from pots, glasses, cutlery, and abrasive cleansers. It is, therefore, critical to make sure your new kitchen sink can withstand the wear and tear. Stainless steel sinks are scratch resistant and last for many years. Enamel-coated cast iron sinks come in a wide array of designs and sizes and are very popular in new homes or if you’re remodeling. You’ll need to decide if you want a single-bowl or multi-bowl configuration.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we can install kitchen sinks from the leading manufacturers in the industry. The sinks are available in a wide variety of styles, and this broad selection can be overwhelming. You’ll want a model that will complement your kitchen décor while providing the functionality you need. A kitchen sink replacement provides other benefits, too. Old or obsolete sinks waste water, often smell, and can cause water damage.

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Kitchen Sink Replacement and Installation

The type and quality of the sink are important, but the installing contractor will have the biggest impact on your sink’s performance and longevity. You can rest easy knowing that when we complete your kitchen sink installation, you’ll be pleased with the results. We make plumbing upgrades and new installation jobs a breeze. Clean work areas, professional service, and respect for your privacy guide everything we do.

Reliable Kitchen Sink Repair

Over time, parts of your sink can crack or wear away. Pipes beneath the sink stop working or separate from the wall. Additionally, a leaky kitchen sink can cause a lot of damage to your counters and cabinets. Get ahead of leaks early to prevent problems with fungi growth. Other common sink problems include:

  • Poor drainage
  • Faulty faucet connection
  • A loose kitchen sink
  • Low faucet pressure
  • An offensive odor with no apparent source

Our plumbers will provide repairs to protect the area and make your kitchen safe for use again. Don’t let a leaky kitchen sink affect your family. We also offer 24-hour emergency service with no additional fees for after-hours, weekend, or holiday calls. We make your complete satisfaction our main priority.

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We are the Kitchen Sink Specialists

Whenever you have a kitchen sink repair, replacement, or installation need in Orlando, Winter Garden, Clermont, Windermere, Kissimmee, or Ocoee, Florida, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We’ll clean out the drains and install a new sink that will dramatically improve the look of your entire kitchen — 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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