Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Can Resolve Your Low Water Pressure Issues in Orlando, FL

Weak water flow is annoying. Chores take much longer, showers are less satisfying, and it takes forever to fill kiddie pools. At the extreme side, your household tasks could grind to a halt. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we have the skills and experience to repair low water pressure, leaking pipes, and defective fixtures. In the Orlando area, no other plumbing company is more committed to customer service and satisfaction. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is the punctual plumber, and you never pay extra for weekend, holiday, or after-hours services.

Dealing With Low Water Pressure?

Low-flow problems often stem from a mineral buildup. Cleaning or replacing the fixture is a simple solution. Unfortunately, continuous issues with slow water flow could instead be an indication of a leaking pipe or another problem that needs professional attention. With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you won’t get a big sales pitch and a confusing bill. You can expect:

  • 24-hour response for emergencies
  • Professional plumbing service
  • Clear communication
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Shower pressure low? We have the tools and the expertise to examine your system and find the right course of action. We fix water pressure concerns and restore functionality in no time.

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Repairing Leaking Pipes

A slow leak in your water pipes may not be apparent right away. However, you’ll eventually notice that your water pressure begins to fall and the water bill starts to increase. If you like, you can do a simple test to check for a leaking pipe. Make sure all appliances and faucets are off and record the reading on the water meter. Wait a couple of hours and check the reading again. If you didn’t touch the taps, the reading should be the same. If it isn’t, contact us to set up an appointment to investigate a possible leak.

Broken Water Pipes

A broken water pipe is a plumbing emergency. If you can, shut off the closest valve or turn off the main pipe for the entire house. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing responds to emergencies around the clock in the Orlando area, for your comfort and complete satisfaction. We work fast to find the problem and make repairs as quickly as possible.

We Repair Water Pressure Problems

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Plumbing problems can be tricky to diagnose yourself. Low water pressure could be related to mineral buildup in the fixtures, corroded or blocked pipes, a leak, a broken pipe or even a problem with the supply from the water company. You need a plumber you can trust to deliver an honest assessment. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today. We fix water pressure problems to your satisfaction.

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